Listening to Jupiter

Recently, I have been working on the construction of the Radio Jove telescope designed to acquire data on Jupiter and solar emissions in a school in Camden. The school is now part of the scientific research community and officially an astronomical observatory partaking in the Radio Jove project. We hope that this is the beginning of a long and successful project to teach and inspire the children into learning about science and our solar system. Radio Jove is a worldwide project set up by NASA in 1998 to promote Radio Astronomy to students and the general public and increase collaborative …

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Can cold give you a cold?

How do we get colds? Is common sense true and do we just get them when we are exposed to cold temperatures?

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Written, drawn and edited by Francesco Busiello
Voiceover by Francesco Busiello

Podcast show notes – 27/02/2013

  White House directs open access for government research Bumblebees can detect flowers’ electrical fields Google Glasses NASA Radio JOVE Project 3D printing 3D drawing pen Makerbot Metal 3D printing 3D Gun printing Playstation 4 Piracy Pirate Bay Documentary p2p music file-sharing declined in 2012

Podcast show notes – 20/02/2013

Youtube videos Our own, Crash course, Minute Physics, CGPGrey South Park documentary The Making of South Park: 6 days to air (wiki / netflix) Meteorite/Asteroids Asteroids and how to deflect them – The Guardian House of cards Sugary drinks tax BBC Article Voyager 2 Italian Elections Guardian article on the possible outcomes Miscellaneous -Actual average distance to the moon is 384000 km -Proxima centauri is 4.24 light years away -Voyager 2 is 14 light hours away from the sun