How deep is the Sahara? and 6 more interesting facts about sand

Sand. The final frontier. No wait, that’s space. Never mind. Sand is still really cool though, really! Keep reading. How deep is the sand in the Sahara? The Sahara is the world’s hottest desert though it’s not the biggest. It’s third in size. The two biggest deserts are, somewhat counter-intuitively, the antarctic and the arctic. Even though they are covered with ice, they are dry enough to be considered deserts.

The beard-second, the barn and 4 other humourous units of measurement

Hey there Stumblers! Click here for more awesome lists or here for more amazing science facts. Can you use a man to measure a bridge? What’s your bacon with the US President? What’s a beard-second? Can you hit the broadside of a barn with a particle accelerator? How much power is in a donkey? Units are a fundamental component of science. Without units, you have no measurements and without measurements you have no experiments. We are all familiar with the basic units of science, the metre, the Kelvin, the kilogram, etc. However, there are others, sometime less useful units, that …

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Kangaroos have three vaginas! and more weird Australian animals facts

How weird are platypuses? Why does Saudi Arabia import camels from Australia? Why do kangaroos have pouches? How scary are bulldog ants? Platypus When European naturalists first encountered the platypus, they thought it was an elaborate hoax. It had the bill of a duck, the feet of an otter and the tail of a beaver. But it was even weirder than that. The platypus is one of the few mammals (together with the rest of the monotremes, which include 4 species of echidnas) that don’t give birth. They lay eggs instead. That’s right, eggs. You can imagine the explorers’ confusion. …

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Does a photon perceive time? and 4 more facts about time perception

How ancient are the ancient egyptians? Were woolly mammoths around when the pyramids were built? If the whole of time was compressed into a day, how many minutes would dinosaurs have been alive? Does a photon perceive time? Ancient Egyptians To us, the Romans and the ancient Egyptians are all quite old. However, Cleopatra, who lived at the time of Julius Caesar, is closer to us (and the moon landings!) in time than she was to when Egyptians started building pyramids. To the Romans, ancient Egypt was as ancient as the Romans are to us today.

Friday’s Interesting Facts #1

In this regular Friday post, we list some interesting facts that do not necessarily deserve their own post, enjoy! The Amazon river is 6400 km long and has the highest waterflow of any river, it discharges more water than the next 7 put together. Until 2011, there were no bridges crossing it or any of its tributaries. Now there is only 1, the Manaus Iranduba Bridge on the rio Negro, its major tributary.